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Kick Sand is at a park near you on most major weekends..... Sand Mountain, NV, Dumont, CA, Winchester Bay OR, Glamis CA, Lemoore CA, Avenal CA, ...... Come Kick Sand with us...

Time is killing you.... Live life.....
Kick sand!

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Join the CREW.... 

Kick Sand of California, sells the branded sand sports clothing  line and accessories that sand sport enthusiasts love, including shirts,  sweatershirts,  sweatpants, hats, and ATV flags.. Casual apparel for riding or just kicking back at camp while visting all the great sand dune parks in the USA.  We not only wear the brand ourselves, we live the lifestyle and what a great life style it is to live!  Fly one of our Kick Sand ATV flags, and let the world know you're a sand rider, too. We can even customize your order with our special in-house embroidery services.

Kick Sand by Sand Station is a family-owned business. We love camping with our friends and family and playing in the sand. Your continued support helps us keep our brand alive. You can order our products 24/7—but please note that we don't ship on weekends. That's when we'll be busy kicking sand. We attend many events on the weekends and encourage you to look for our booth. Come get your Kick Sand apparel, or swing by to say hi and kick some sand with us.

Kick Sand Hoodie
Wear our apparel and show your apart of the crew! 

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Pink Girls' Youth Hoodie
Purchase our Girls' Youth Hoodie.

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Skull Hoodie
Get quality sand riding clothing and accessories, including our stylish hoodies.

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